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FreeBurn Used Oil Heating Systems

    If You like simple things that work, you will love these waste oil heaters!
    Wouldn't it be great to have a warm comfortable shop to work in this winter, without paying for fuel? Dispose of all your waste oil, used engine oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid, gear oil, vegetable oil, biodiesel, and more -- while heating your shop at the same time.
    These waste oil heater kits are easy to build and maintain yourself; no welding required. No nozzle to plug. Easy to troubleshoot, and we stock any parts you may need in the future. Waste Oil Heater

  • Burn your waste oils cleanly and efficiently.
  • Easy to build, operate, and maintain.
  • No nozzle to plug. No filtering required.
  • High efficiency blower fills your whole shop with heat!
  • Several models and sizes-choose the kit right for you.
  • Why Build a FreeBurn Waste Oil Heater Kit instead of buying a commercial one?
  • Often asked Questions and Answers about our Used Oil Burner and Heater Kits.
  • See it in action - Low 7.5 KB | High 10 MB
  • Testimonials Read what other have to say about our FreeBurn Waste Oil Heater.
  • We're Talking...Toasty!
  • Meet The Team
  • FreeBurn Waste Oil Heater Info and Prices: PDF

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